YMCA the world celebrate’s the 170 anyversary of it’s foundation

the 6th of june 1844 sir George Williams founded the YMCA world association.

YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) had been founded in 1844 as a tool of christian helpness of jang lost people in quickly industried cities of England.
Oficial autum of YMCA the world association

It’s former had 23 years old bussinessman George Williams. In 1894 YMCA had more than 500 000 members in 34 countires of the world and in the same year Williams had enrich by the queen Victory to the knightlike institute and municipal London counsel established him as an toned citisen of London city for his life work. Since this time YMCA expanded to the whole world.

Who will understand and will help?

Our citizens association YMCA MZ NITRA was established in 2000. All the establishing members we work until now the most often as volunteers, sometimes we have a little reward from the projects.   Me as statutory deputy assistant of the organization for those 14 years have known many stories and destinies of people, mostly young who have found themselves in crisis situation.

I can see the society in our country changing and many people understand that certain handicapped groups need help that state does not guarantee in sufficient range. There are also skilled and hardworking people that can provide for their family but they can also help people in need. For those there is our challenge. We want to broaden our sheltered workshops of one workplace for proceeding of healthy food where we plan to employ aproximately 20 handicapped young adults.  Most of them we already know and when we will help them they will be polite, self – sufficient people. Today they are polite but dependent of help of good people. For sheltered workplace we want to buy a lonely agricultural settlement, an old house with bigger estate, adequate to our intention.

In the workshop there will be workin two skilled people in retired age who see and feel the need to pay attention to handicapped young people  and consider such activity for meaningful work. They will start to work together with in terms of health handicapped on rebuilding of the facility to serve the planned intention. For this intention we have established an account.

For purchase we need 22 500 euros. This challenge which will help  according to their facilities. The collected Money we will use for establishment of a sheltered workshop of the place. We can see the advantage also in that fact, that the object in our ownership we will be able to handle the project.

The Money will be publicly controlled and will serve only for mentioned purpose. For people who will help us and will be interested we will gladly stay in touch and they will be our precious guests.

We thank all in advance who will help us but first of all our Lord, who is  caring above us and the destiny of this young people. The following information we will provide personally.

Anna Petrovicova
legal representant of organization