About us

YMCA’s mission

Civic organisation YMCA Nitra (briefly MZ YMCA Nitra) as a part of the world movement YMCA is christian oriented, voluntair, unpolitician and unconfesion organisation, which task is service and helping to jang people for their harmonic improvement of body, intelectual and spiritual folder of their personality. Our job is based on christian ideals and it’s connected to the domestic and foreign cultural and historical traditions.

What do we do vith our target group?

Our group of workers and volunteers is focussed to work vith children and jangsters. We try to create program, which is interesting, attractive for them and which improve their in all parts of their personality. We organise presentations about health food, about life vith disabilities, we manage games of intuitive pedagogique and Montessori workshops for smal children of pre-school age. We hosting and sending foreign volunteers on EVS service, who are also participate to improving jangsters and exept of it, they visit lot of arrangements of social services, when they help workers in theyr job. They also visit elementary schools, vocational training schools and highschools, where they help teachers in teaching of foreign language. In summer time we prepare and organise summer camps for children.

What are we trying to do in our civic YMCA in Nitra?

  1. 1.Work for equal opportunities and righteousness for all
  2. 2.Create and bind that enviroment, in which relationships are characterised by love and understanding
  3. 3.In YMCA and in society, in their organisations and institutions to create and bind fair minded, truefull and creative enviroment
  4. 4. To create and bind those models of programme administration which document diversity and deepness of christian knowledge
  5. 5. To work in improvement of whole personality
  6. 6. To work on making educative programs about science, culture, art, literature, ecology, social sciences etc. to be accessible for all people, who are interested in it
  7. 7. To try about peaceable, anortodox and religional education
  8. 8. To grow up a sport and cultivation of fair play principles
  9. 9. Growing up of education to democracy, tolerancy, civil reliability, sharing ideals of humaneness
  10. 10.Supporting to humanitar and charity activities for groups and individuals in penury at home and also in foreign countries
  11. 11.Make an effort for creating intensive international communication vith accent to knov, make friendship and fixation well cooperation of jang people diferent continents

We are here for everibody since monday to friday between 12:00 AM – 5:00 PM