European Voluntary Service

Let know life abroad

Are you in age betveen 18th .- 30th years old and would you like to come to visit our country, city? Would you like to support groving up our mission in our organisation? You don’t knov, how to do it? You don’t knov, where to get money for it? Do you think, that you haven’t enough skills for it?

Right for you there are European Voluntary Service (EVS).

It makes possibility for yang people to knov life in our country and grov up your personal skills and qualities. It is very important to knov, that you really vant to be useful in visiting to our country. Don’t vorry, in comming to EVS project aren’t alone. Sending and hosting organisation alvays helps you.

What do you pay of your money?

The only 10% travel costs. All other costs are refunded from European union resources. In case of your desicion to come on EVS, Your accomodation, food and pocket money in among of 95€ per month are protected from grant of Eu.

What would you looking forward to foreign space?

Approximately 30-35 hours of voluntary job per veek.

EVS can be:

  • 1. Short term EVS – since 2 veeks till 2 months, it is focussed mainly for fever opportunited volunteers
  • 2. Long term EVS – since 2 months till 1 year.

How to contact us

If do you interested in participating in this service, or do you need to get more info about this, call phone +421 948 200 767, or write on e-mail We kindly help you!

Team of organisation YMCA MZ NITRA

What our previous volunteers think about EVS voluntary service in Nitra?

In this place, we vould like to present opinions of our previous volunteers about being at EVS voluntery service in Nitra. It could be an inspiration for your voluntary service

Vincent from France

When I was volunteer, we were 6 volunteers, so it wasnt easy everyday because we were 6 differents persons with totally opposite point of view, but with time and i lot of talk we became a team, and we worked well and hard for YMCA.
I worked in school like french assistant teacher in one high school, 4 mornings/week.
I also give some english lessons to the disabled persons.
The rest of my time, I tryed to promote our organisation in the city, or in different school. So we organized some conferences about Europe, the EVS, …
So in YMCA, we worked a lot with the youth, the disabled person, and with some people who have some problem in their life.
Nitra is really good city, with really attractive place to visit around (for exemples, Nitra isnt so far from really beautifull capital city like Budapest/Vienna/Praha). Isnt so big city, something like 100 000 inhabitants, with universities, so a lot of student. Who said students said also night life, so Nitra is a good city for enjoy and meet new people.
Slovaks are really friendly, except the language, who is really difficult, but after few months in Nitra, you can speak a little, and the contact with the local are directly more interesting.
The weather in Nitra, is also ok, little bit hard in winter, with snow and the cold, but you can all the time find good places with good athmosphere, and where is warm, like tea house.
I still continue to have contact in Nitra and i try to come back as much as i can, because i feel really happy in the city, and all the time someone, is hosting me. So definitly, you should/must visit and discover Nitra.
On this EVS firstly, I learnt how to understand better the people, i had previous experience in Africa or with disabled person, but it was the first time that the volunteers were totally different, so it took time, that we became a team.
Secondly, I learnt how to work with childrens and teenagers, before, i had a difficult contact with them, but now since my experience in Nitra, I’m french teacher for foreigner.
I’m also able to speak slovak, (i stayed 2 years in Slovakia, because after my EVS, I wasnt able to speak) and being in EVS project in Nitra, it’s really good experience, and you become a new person after it. You can know yourself better, but also understand the other people, and feel the power of the European Union, that we are all different. but we can live together in peace.